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The lights, the sound, the audience, the actors. Our W.P. Wagner Theatre Department provides every opportunity to students to be a part of this vibrant element of our school’s Fine Arts community. Drama courses, full-length productions, one act plays, an award-winning improv team, technical theatre, Cappies, and a fully-equipped theatre are all part of the experience. Students will learn the key elements of character development, writing for the theatre, movement, improvisation, and how to become a stronger storyteller. So much of life is communication - drama offers students a way to focus, grow and gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime.


Drama 10, 20 and 30 are for students who want to join the theatre community and learn performance, design and technical theatre skills. As an introductory course, Drama 10 is open to all levels of experience. Students will learn to stretch their creative imagination, work collaboratively as an ensemble and develop an appreciation for theatre. Drama 20 focuses on the art of acting as well as playwriting. Students in Drama 30 focus on directing and will produce a one act play from start to finish.


During the school year, Grade 12 students are challenged to direct, design and mount a one act play. These are performed by students in grade 10, 11, and 12. These shorter pieces of theatre represent a unique opportunity for a group of students to band together and create art. All shows are made public so a larger audience can see the talent at W.P. Wagner School.