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At W.P. Wagner, we provide healthy choices and engaging physical activities, and work with students to foster healthy and active lifestyles. 

The Physical Education Department at W.P. Wagner promotes healthy choices and encourages participation in a variety of activity-based courses and movement opportunities. We work with our students in setting health-related goals (such as activity, nutrition, relationships and mental health) to help prepare them for the years ahead.


Physical Education 10, 20 and 30 offers a wide variety of activities and movement opportunities. Students build the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead healthy, active lives. As students move through PE 10 (high school diploma requirement) into PE 20 and PE 30 (which may be used as an entrance course for university), they will have access to different facilities and guest speakers from all over the city.

Career and Life Management (CALM) helps develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for personal well-being in our rapidly changing society. Students will learn to make well-informed decisions in all aspects of their lives. CALM is a required course to achieve your Alberta High School Diploma.