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"AP classes gave me a huge advantage when I got to first year university." - W. P. Wagner graduate

W. P. Wagner attracts motivated, high-achieving students from across Edmonton. The world-wide College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) is an opportunity for students to pursue college level studies while in high school. The enriched course content allows AP students to develop superior critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, all of which are a tremendous advantage in post-secondary studies 

Benefits of Advanced Placement 

  • Enrichment in class groupings with other motivated students
  • A mark of 4 or 5 on an AP exam allows students to apply for credit for first year University Courses at participating institutions. For more information about Advanced Placement visit Collegeboard.
  • AP leads to higher student achievement on provincial diploma exams
  • Challenging content - there is no room for boredom.
  • Access to AP and post-secondary scholarships 

AP Courses Offered at W. P. Wagner 

English: Literature & Composition, Language and Composition
Mathematics: Calculus AB
Social Studies: European History
Languages: French Language and Culture
Sciences:  Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Art:  Studio Art 2 & 3
AP Capstone Program: AP Seminar, AP Research

AP Requirements 

Students wishing to take grade 10 Advanced Placement courses must have a minimum of 75% in English, Science and Social, and a minimum of 80% in Math. Students are required to show high levels of self-discipline, commitment, and motivation and may require teacher recommendation to move to the next level in an AP stream. AP courses are selected during the regular on-line course selection process. 

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