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The aim for every social studies student at W. P. Wagner is to take an active and participatory role in an ever-changing world. Drawing upon a wealth of information from history, geography, economics, social science, behavioural sciences and humanities, classes focus on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to become valued contributors to society. Our emphasis is on developing the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and strategies that allow our students to make informed decisions and become independent thinkers. 

The Social Studies Department offers instruction incorporating cutting edge technologies including video projection, video conferencing, multimedia software, and extensive computer use for research and writing. At W. P. Wagner, we believe it is important to link our classrooms to the world.‌‌Social Studies Streams

Social Studies 10-1
(5 credits)
Minimum mark of 60% in grade 9 Social Studies is highly recommended 

Students will explore multiple perspectives on the origins of globalization and the local, national, and international impacts of globalization on lands, cultures, economics, human rights, and quality of life. Students will examine the relationships among globalization, citizenship, and identity to enhance skills for citizenship in a globalizing world. 

Social Studies 20-1
(5 credits)
Minimum mark of 65% in Social 10-1; 80% in Social Studies 10-1 Pre-AP is highly recommended

Students will explore the complexities of nationalism in Canadian and international contexts. They will study the origins of nationalism and the influence of nationalism on regional, international and global relations. The infusion of multiple perspectives will allow students to develop understandings of nationalism and how nationalism contributes to the citizenship and identities of peoples in Canada. 

Social Studies 30-1
(5 credits)
Minimum mark of 65% in Social Studies 20-1 is highly recommended

Students will explore the origins and complexities of ideologies and examin multiple perspectives regarding the principles of classical and modern liberalism.  An analysis of various political and economic systems will allow students to assess the viability of the principles of liberalism. Developing understandings of the roles and responsibilities associated with citizenship will encourge students to respond to emergent global issues.

Social Studies 10-2
(5 credits)
Prerequisite: Less than 60% in Social Studies 9 

Students will explore historical aspects of globalization as well as the effects of globalization on lands, cultures, human rights, and quality of life. Students will explore the relationships among globalization, citizenship, and identity. 

Social Studies 20-2
(5 credits)
Prerequisite: 50% in Social 10-2; less than 60% in Social Studies 10-1 

Students will examine historical and contemporary understandings of nationalism in Canada and the world. They will explore the origins of nationalism as well as the impacts of nationalism on individuals and communities in Canada and other locations.

Examples of nationalism, ultranationalism, supranationalism and internationalism will be examined from multiple perspectives. Students will develop personal and civic responses to emergent issues related to nationalism.

Social Studies 30-2
(5 credits )
Prerequisite: 50% in Social Studies 20-2; 60% in Social Studies 20-1 

Students will study Political and Economic Systems by looking at the way societies make decisions to satisfy their need and wants. Through historical analysis, students will develop and understanding of how other nations and groups promote and protect their own interests. This will enable students to particpate effectively as responsible citizens at local, national and international levels.

Psychology 20/30
(6 credits) 

This course consists of two 3 credit courses combined. Psychology 20 is an introductory course with an emphasis on development, learning, and human behaviour. In Psychology 30, attention focuses on the scientific approach to understanding human behaviour so that students may appreciate, more fully, the reasons that underlie our actions.

Advanced Placement

Social Studies 10-1 Pre -AP, 20AP, 30AP
(5 credits each)
Prerequisite: 80% in Social Studies 9 and no core mark below 75%. Students must achieve 80% to move to the next level of AP Social Studies 

Each level of the Advanced Placement program in Social Studies is a prerequisite for the next. Social Studies 10-2 pre-AP is an enriched version of Social Studies 10-1. In addition to covering the mandatory Alberta curriculum, the enriched portion of the course emphasizes developing skill in writing social studies essays for a variety of purposes and completion of some elements of the Social Studies 20-1 curriculum.

This program will be of interest to students who have been very successful in social studies courses or have an interest in pursuing history in much greater depth. Advanced Placement courses provide excellent preparation for university level work. The Advanced Placement European History College Board examination is held in May and will encompass course material from Social 20AP(1450) to Social 30AP (present day).

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