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Off Campus Education

Off-Campus education describes the various programs which allow students to participate in work activities while attending school. These programs involve the school, the student and the employer in a co-operative educational effort to enhance, support and extend the student's learning experiences.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a unique opportunity for students to explore a trade and begin post-secondary apprenticeship training - all while completing their high school diploma.  The RAP program is designed for grade 10, 11 & 12 students who enjoy working with their hands or machines, value working in teams, and have an eye for detail are very well suited for RAP. Students must also be on-track to graduate, have good attendance, and consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic, and have the maturity to work with adults. Having a Class 5 drivers license is very beneficial when looking for placement opportunities.  

RAP allows students to:

  • work as an apprentice to earn credits toward a high school diploma (5 credits for every 125 hours of work, to a maximum of 40 credits or 1,000 hours)
  • accumulate hours toward a ticket in one of Alberta’s 50 designated trades
  • transition into a full-time apprenticeship program upon graduation
  • complete health and safety training
  • earn a competitive wage

For more information, please contact your Assistant Principal at 780-469-1315, or stop by W.P. Wagner Student Services to pick up brochures or at http://www.tradesecrets.gov.ab.ca/



The RAP Scholarships were created to recognize the accomplishments of Alberta high school students participating in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and to encourage them to continue their apprenticeship training after completing high school. 500 RAP Scholarships of $1,000 each are available annually. Since its inception, over 80 students from W.P. Wagner have received scholarships.

Work Experience

W.P. Wagner offers a Work Experience program that enables students 15 years or older to become involved in a new learning experience off-campus. Students are able to use a paid or volunteer position to explore a future career and receive practical on-the-job training; all while earning high school credits.  Students develop work search strategies and tools to access a registry of employers partnered with W.P. Wagner, or use local, provincial, and national job banks to seek employment.  Students who are employed by an approved worksite may earn between 3 and 30 credits, 15 of which may be used towards their high school diploma.

Benefits of our Work Experience Program:

  • students can enter the program at any time of year in any grade, including summer school
  • both volunteer work hours and part-time employment count
  • students can earn up to 30 credits through Work Experience, and use up to 15 of those credits towards high school graduation requirements
  • employers recognize the value of the Work Experience program
  • marks from Work Experience can be used to apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

For more information, please contact your Assistant Principal at 780-469-1315 or stop by the General Office.