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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Program at W.P. Wagner High School is one of Wagner's pillars of excellence. It is an inclusive program that combines the fun of team building with the meaning of service to create memorable experiences that last a lifetime. The focus of the Leadership Program is on the foundations of leadership, communication, mentorship, volunteerism, and a school betterment project. 

The Leadership courses are offered at the 15, 25, and 35 level, both inside and outside the regular class schedule. The course is designed to develop essential leadership knowledge and skills with a focus on the development of character. The course endeavors to develop key values, attitudes, and ethics for leadership and for responsible citizenship in the future. Student Leaders will leave the course as engaged thinkers, ethical citizens, and morally responsible and social individuals.


Introductory Leadership 15 

The emphasis is leadership, character development and social responsibility. Student leaders will demonstrate their understanding of the critical values and attitudes needed to become a leader of oneself, therefore, being able to lead others by example. Student leaders will actively engage in the delivery and scope of this class by leading various in-class and out of class endeavors. 

Student Leadership 25 and 35

Leadership 25 and 35 will encourage student leaders to take more of a leadership role and exemplify what they have learned throughout their exploration of leadership 15. Through this involvement, student leaders will also refine their leadership style, personal vision and their life's direction, and an understanding of their social responsibilities. 



  • Since 2008, W.P. Wagner school raised over $600,000 for local and global charities through our 24-hour Wagathon (Unfortunately, Wagathon 2020 and 2021 had to be canceled due to the global pandemic)
  • Over 30 countries are represented during our Taste of Wagner Multicultural Week. 
  • Through the Legacy Project, we partner with nine other schools to collect food and clothing donations for less fortunate families in our community
  • Our annual Touch of Class event features amazing entertainment, a three course meal and an epic dance
  • Each year, our annual Wagstock talent show celebrates and showcases a variety of student talents
  • W.P. Wagner hosted 12 Edmonton high schools at the 2019 Gandhi Conference
  • W.P. Wagner was a co-host to the 2018 Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC). 



Since 2008, W.P. Wagner High School has united annually to turn our motto of "Pay it Forward" into a reality. By engaging in local service projects and massive global initiatives, W.P. Wagner students have had a chance to learn about servant leadership, entrepreneurship, citizenship, and social affairs. Learn more about our story at wagathon.ca