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The Classic and Modern Literature Reborn

Take classic English literature combined with a multi-media approach, and you have just some of the elements of W. P. Wagner's English programs. Our focus on innovation gives students at all grade levels the opportunity to learn reading, writing, and presentation skills in a variety of ways. Our English programs provide students with a solid foundation for post-secondary studies as well as the skills for the world of business. We are very proud of our student achievement results. In the English programs, specific themes are developed through various literary forms such as film, poetry, short stories, Shakespearean drama, and novels. Students are encouraged to express themselves using a variety of methods, while exploring the structures and techniques used by authors being studied. By incorporating these varied perspectives and approaches, students develop the ability to communicate with the world in their own unique and effective manner.

The English Department at W. P. Wagner School strives to provide challenging, innovative instruction that will allow students to successfully pursue the career of their choice with a strong command of the communication skills necessary in their future.

The Advanced Placement Program offers enrichment in English.

English Course Streams

English 10C
(5 credits each)

This course is for any student who achieved >50% in Language Arts 9.  Students will learn their strengths and come to better understand their paths through high school.  Students may complete this course with credit in 10-1 or 10-2, depending on achievement and feedback from teachers.  

English 20-1, 30-1 Stream
(5 credits each)

Prerequisite: 60% in English Language Arts 9

This route of English courses is intended for students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies involving advanced language skills. English 30-1 is a requirement for entry into university and for a number of programs at NAIT, MacEwan and other institutions. Emphasis in this stream is placed on written composition and critical reading as students are exposed to a variety of literary genres.

English 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 Stream
(5 credits each)
Prerequisite: 50% in English Language Arts 9

In this stream of English courses, reading comprehension and effective written and oral communication are emphasized. These courses focus on developing skills in practical uses of language. English 30-2 fulfills the minimum requirement for a high school diploma and is suitable for entry into post-secondary programs that do not require English 30-1.

Advanced Placement

English 10AP
(5 credits)
Prerequisite: 80% in grade 9 Language Arts OR no core mark below 75%

English 10 AP is a pre-AP course which covers the 10-1 curriculum and prepares students for the Language and Composition and Literature and Composition Advanced Placement courses. Students will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts from medieval to modern time periods. Students will be encouraged to recognize and explore a range of critical and cultural perspectives on literature and language. Students should be prepared for the rigors of an academic course designed for honours students.

English 20AP Language and Composition
(5 credits)
Prerequisite: 80% in 10-1 or 10AP or teacher recommendation

The English 20 AP course, Language and Composition, is designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of language. Students read a variety of texts representing various historical periods, rhetorical styles, and disciplines, with an emphasis on understanding non-fiction prose and argumentation. Students explore how authors manipulate language to create meaning and evoke a response in the reader. Students also learn to understand and recognize how literary techniques affect readers' interpretation of texts and meanings. While covering the English 20-1 curriculum, English 20 AP challenges students with a selection of additional advanced readings. Students will write the Language and Composition exam in May.

English 30AP Literature and Composition
(5 credits)
Prerequisite: 80% in 20-1 or 20AP or teacher recommendation

This course is designed to represent an introductory level university English Literature course and students should be prepared for the challenges of a rigorous and demanding course. Challenging texts are encourages, as are active reading, exploratory writing, and class dialogue that invite a variety of responses to works of literary merit. In this class, students are expected to create analytical and imaginative texts that demonstrate understanding and how rhetorical, structural, and thematic choices balance form, content, and meaning within a text. Additionally, they will analyze how literary techniques such as symbolism, tone, imagery, and other creative choices affect readers' apppreciation and interpretation of texts. In May, students will write the English Literature and Composition AP examination.