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Expectations - Steps to Success 


Personal success is directly tied to attendance and all students are expected to attend regularly.  Responsibility for attending and being on time lies with the student and parent. Unexcused absences result in an automated phone call to the home.

Absences - If a student is absent due to illness or appointment, he or she should:

1. Have a parent or guardian phone the general office (24 hours)

2. Contact their teachers (preferably in advance) regarding missed work 

Signing Out: If a student must leave the school early due to an appointment or illness they are expected to sign out at the office.  

Extended Absence: If you know that you will be away for an extended period of time you must contact your coordinator. In the event of illness, homework can be arranged up by contacting the office. Family holidays during the school year are discouraged. There will be no allowance made for holidays during final exam weeks.  Check the website or calendar in this handbook for dates. 


A recent Edmonton bylaw makes it illegal to bully or harass others.  It defines bullying as "repeated intimidation of others, by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted or emotional abuse."  W. P. Wagner is a respectful, safe environment and our school community does not tolerate bullying.  Offenses can result in suspension or expulsion. 


Cheating in any form is not allowed.  This includes plagiarizing or copying material from another student or source without attribution, using unauthorized material for an assignment or exam, or supplying information to other students.  Students may be suspended, may lose marks/credits/course privileges, and/or may have to demonstrate learning in another manner. 

Cell Phones/Smart Devices/Music Players

Cell phones, smart devices, and music players represent an interruption to learning and are not to be used during classtime, except for with explicit permission from teachers. Unauthorized recording (video or audio) of students or teachers during school hours is strictly prohibited. 

Dress For Success / Hats and Headwear

W.P. Wagner is an exemplary learning environment and we expect students to dress accordingly.  This includes ensuring that clothing provides suitable skin coverage, is neat and tidy, and is free of inappropriate images or slogans.  Students dressed inappropriately may be asked to change or be sent home. In keeping with our school's policy, caps, visors, bandannas, toques, hoods, kerchiefs, and other types of non-religious head cover may not be worn inside the building. Headwear should be stored in lockers.  Please note that studs, chains and manacles are also unacceptable attire. 


Lockers are assigned during August registration. It is your responsibility to maintain your locker and register your lock combination with the office. Unfortunately theft can and does occur. Avoid bringing valuable items to school and always use high security locks. ALWAYS lock any belongings in Phys Ed locker rooms. 


Lost and Found

Personal belongings that are found in the school are turned in to the office- check there first. Please write your name on the back of your bus pass. 


Smoking & Vaping

Smoking or vaping are not allowed anywhere in or on school property.  Students under the age of 18 may be issued a bylaw ticket/fine for possession of tobacco products.  



Students with spares may leave the school or choose to spend their time in the library, cafeteria, or lounges. Students are not to loiter in halls during class time. 


Timetable Changes

Course changes are reviewed by coordinators each term but changes are not always possible.  Priority is given to students missing a course or with a major semester imbalance. Students must attend assigned courses until a change is made. 


Use of Computers

Students sign an Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement stating that they will use our school's computer technology in a responsible and productive manner. Students may not download large files or games on school computers. Failure to comply will result in loss of computer privileges. 


Final Exam Expectations 

  • Students must enter and leave the exam rooms quietly. Find your seat quickly and sit down. 
  • All students must have valid ID to enter exams. Put your ID card face up on the right side of the desk.  
  • NO cell phones or other electronic devices in the exam room. 
  • Arrive on time (which means 15 minutes early) and remember that the writing time will not be extended. 
  • Leave the exam area immediately after exiting. 
  • Dress appropriately (school dress code) for the weather and do not enter exam wearing a hat or other head gear. 
  • Be prepared, bring the necessary pencils, pens, ruler calculator etc. 
  • You may bring water but no other food or beverages. 
  • Leave back packs in your locker or at home. 
  • Check the examination schedule in advance  
  • Make sure all text books are returned to the library.
  • Consult the blackboards outside the main office for row assignments in the gyms and also for exams written in the labs. 
  • Return all textbooks to the library after writing your exams. 

Remember: Holidays, trips, and appointments should not be booked to conflict with final exams in January or June.  

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