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Promoting an Active Lifestyle 

W.P. Wagner's Physical Education Programs emphasize participation over skill development. It's that attitude that we hope our students take with them long after they leave our school. Our focus allows students to remain committed to staying active and healthy their entire lives. The Physical Education Program at W.P. Wagner has shorter units than at most other schools and offers a wider variety of activities. Our dedication to our student's diverse interests and our commitment to variety have resulted in     

W.P. Wagner School repeatedly winning the Quality Daily Physical Education Award. This award recognizes the quality of our program and its high participation levels.

Physical Education 10 

Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle through participation in Aquatics, Arena Sports, Archery, Badminton, First Aid & CPR, Dance, Cooperative Games, Fitness & Weight Training, and Cross- Country Skiing. In addition, students will participate in several other individual and team activities. Students may choose to take co-ed, boys or girls physical education classes. 

Physical Education 20 & 30 

Students who choose to take these courses will be introduced to lifetime physical activities with an emphasis placed on leadership development. The following activities are specific to our Physical Education 20 & 30 programs: Golfing, Cycling, Indoor Rock Climbing, Beach Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball, Martial Arts, Rape Aggression Defense (female classes only), Curling, Snorkeling, SCUBA, Fencing, Racquetball, Squash, Bowling, Billiards, Heart Rate Monitor Training, Outdoor Education Camps, Leadership Activities, and Community Service.

Sports Performance 15, 25, 35
"The Science of Sport and Fitness"
(5 credits) 

Take your interest in athletics to another level. W.P. Wagner's Sports Performance Program is geared to the student who wants more than just the regular courses in Physical Education and wants to gain insights into high-level athletic performance. We look at the psychological, physiological, and nutritional elements as well as various training techniques. We will train each athlete to become better conditioned through strength training, endurance training and speed, agility, and quickness training. Gain knowledge and learn to understand the mental and physical preparation necessary for success as a high performance athlete. 

Career and Life Management (C.A.L.M.) 20
(5 credits) 

No Prerequisite, recommended to be completed in grade 11 Alberta Education mandates that all students complete Career and Life Management 20 in order to fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma. This course provides students with insights and skills in six key themes that relate to success in high school and in life. Units covered include self-management, well-being, relationships, investigating careers and the world of work, independent living, and human sexuality. CALM classes at W.P. Wagner also include two attached CTS modules related to units of study.

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