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International Languages - Giving our Students a Global Advantage

W.P. Wagner provides a number of language study opportunities that will help to develop individual potential and better prepare our students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Globalization and our diverse society have increased the need for knowledge of other languages for effective social, business, political and recreational interaction. Working with dedicated, enthusiastic teachers, students will develop skills and knowledge that go beyond grammar and vocabulary as students take part in field trips, exchanges, and experiences that are designed to build bridges to other cultures.

W.P. Wagner offers instruction in three international languages starting with entry level (beginner) courses in all but French, as well as opportunities for acceleration and retroactive credit for students with prior courses or demonstrated proficiency in a particular language.

Many post-secondary programs accept an international language as a subject for admission.

French as a Second Language

French 10-9Y/20-9Y/30-9Y or French 31a
(5 credits each)
Prerequisite: Grade 9 FSL required for French 10-9Y, 50% is required to move to each new level. Grade 9 French Immersion is required for French 31a.

Learning French allows students to communicate with French-speaking people throughout the world, including more than 250 million people in over 55 countries/states. Students will learn about the Francophone community and its contribution to art, music, literature, science, medicine, politics, cuisine, and sports. 
French programming at W.P. Wagner offers different points of entry based on the students’ previous level of achievement. Students with previous French Immersion experience may be placed in higher level classes. Students wishing to write the French Advanced Placement Exam are encouraged to take French 31a.

Japanese Language and Culture

Japanese 10-3Y/20-3Y/30-3Y
(5 credits each)
Prerequisite: No prerequisite for Japanese 10-3Y, 50% is required to move to each new level.

Learning Japanese as an additional language is to embark on a profound cross-cultural experience. Studying Japanese allows students to communicate with approximately 125 million people in the world. Japan is a leader in many fields, including science, technology, and medicine and it plays an important role as a world economic leader. Its culture continues to have significant impact far beyond its borders.

Japanese programming at W.P. Wagner allows students to engage with the language learning in an authentic context. With field trips and interactions with native Japanese speakers, students are exposed to real-world experiences to support their learning. 

Punjabi Language and Culture

Punjabi 10-3Y
(5 credits each)
Prerequisite: No prerequisite for Punjabi 10-3Y

Learning Punjabi allows students to communicate with approximately 100 million people around the world. Apart from the many advantages related to the learning of an international language, this course develops an awareness of, and sensitivity to, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. In addition to preserving cultural identity, learning Punjabi is a means of cultural enrichment. Learning Punjabi gives students the opportunity to identify, question, and challenge one’s own cultural assumptions, values, and perspectives. Punjabi continues to be a rapidly growing language and culture within Alberta, now the third most common language in Canada and is also the Canadian parliament's third language after English and French.

For those students who already have some knowledge of Punjabi or a family connection to the culture, there is the opportunity to maintain contact with the language, culture and heritage. For some, learning Punjabi is an opportunity to renew and further develop their first language writing and skills. Students will learn to read, write and speak Punjabi at an introductory level and also learn about Punjabi culture through a variety of texts such as short stories and poetry.

International Language Proficiency Credentials

Edmonton Public Schools provides students of languages other than English with access to a variety of language proficiency credentials based upon the work done internationally. For more information, contact the Institute for Innovation in Second Language Education of Edmonton Public Schools. http://languages.epsb.ca/

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