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Fine Arts

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  • Drama


    The lights, the sound, the audience, the actors. Our W.P. Wagner Theatre Department provides every opportunity to students to be a part of this vibrant element of our school’s Fine Arts community. Drama courses, full-length productions, one act plays, an award-winning improv team, technical theatre, Cappies, and a fully-equipped theatre are all part of the experience. Students will learn the key elements of character development, writing for the theatre, movement, improvisation, and how to become a stronger storyteller. So much of life is communication - drama offers students a way to focus, grow and gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Music

    W.P. Wagner's highly successful music program is a great representation of our school. Like all other course and programs, music at W.P. Wagner has something for everyone and for all abilities. Our students have the opportunity to choose a music stream that complements their studies in academics and/or science and technology. Our program is focused on developing skills and giving our students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of musical styles and genres. W.P. Wagner music students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular music ensembles and take advantage of music enrichment opportunities provided both within Edmonton Public Schools and in the music community at large.

  • Visual Arts

    W.P. Wagner boasts an outstanding art facility with an inspiring panoramic view of the adjacent ravine. Students have a chance to learn new skills and express their creativity in their choice of studio art, enriched art, or pottery.


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