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The one-of-a-kind FIRST Program is an innovative enrichment program aimed at those with a genuine interest in science and technology who thrive in an accelerated classroom and are accomplished, independent learners. Our aim is to prepare honours students for post-secondary studies in the areas of sciences, engineering, computer sciences, and advanced technologies.

Benefits of FIRST

  • Enriched programming following Alberta Education curricula in 3 science disciplines with others who share your interests and motivation to succeed.
  • Flexible program- combined with AP it allows the choice of full or partial enrichment.
  • Explore career paths through mentorship, guest speakers and field trips.
  • Creative and talented teachers.
  • Sponsorship to participate in elite conferences, science camps and workshops


Mentorship is an optional, but very popular, component of FIRST It consists of a student being paired with a mentor in a chosen field of interest. Most of our mentors are located through our award-winning collaboration with the U of A Graduate Studies Outreach Program. Other mentors are from other institutions such as NAIT or local businesses. Mentors are not limited to fields of science and technology. W. P. Wagner School is extremely proud of the Mentorship Program. Through the program, countless students have verified that they want to pursue a given career path, others have realized that their "ideal career" was not what they had expected, and some are still exploring and change their mentor each year.

What Students Say About Mentorship

 "When I was contemplating attending W.P. Wagner, mentorship was one of the deciding factors. I had the opportunity to explore the entire hospital, from entering the emergency room, to looking at x-rays in surgery rooms!"  - gr. 12 student 

"Mentorship is great for helping youth make decisions for their futures. Although I may not grow up to be a biologist, mentorship has allowed me to get a taste of what it would be like." - gr. 10 student

How do you qualify for FIRST?
Minimum of 80% or an "A" in all four grade 9 core subjects


FIRST Program (Focus in Research, Science and Technology)