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W.P. Wagner's highly successful music program is a great representation of our school. Like all other course and programs, music at W.P. Wagner has something for everyone and for all abilities. Our students have the opportunity to choose a music stream that complements their studies in academics and/or science and technology. Our program is focused on developing skills and giving our students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of musical styles and genres. W.P. Wagner music students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular music ensembles and take advantage of music enrichment opportunities provided both within Edmonton Public Schools and in the music community at large.

(*Students audition in September for all levels of Symphonic Band)

Instrumental Music 10, 20, 30
(5 credits each) 

As well as emphasizing high quality performance, we explore theoretical knowledge and provide an historical survey of music through the ensemble's repertoire. Students in this component have the opportunity to participate and compete in music camps, tours and festivals and the annual W.P. Wagner Invitational Music Festival. Students enrolling in Music 10 should have a minimum of 2 years experience in junior high band or the equivalent instruction on a wind or percussion instrument. 

Jazz 15, 25, 35
(5 credits each) 

This performance-based study of jazz, from its creation to current day trends, offers students an introduction to improvisational skills, theoretical knowledge and practical applications of the creative process. Students will have opportunities to perform in both a traditional big band and a small combo. Students must be enrolled in Music 10, 20, 30 (instrumental) in order to participate in this course. Students may not enroll in this course until a successful audition has been completed in September. 

Choral Music 10, 20, 30
(5 credits each) 

An in-depth study of musical literature as it pertains to the voice; this program is designed to teach singing skills in a choral setting. Whether singing a cappella or with accompaniment, singing traditional choral repertoire or current popular songs find your voice and share it with the world through the W.P. Wagner Choral Program. Choral students are not required to have any previous experience or special talents. 

General Music - Guitar 10, 20, 30
(5 credits each) 

This full three-year program is for students who wish to take music, but do not necessarily play traditional band instruments or sing. The program includes and introduction to the fundamentals of music theory and the development of technique on the guitar including single-line reading, chording, and picking styles. 

Symphonic Band 15, 25, 35
(5 credits each) 

The symphonic band is an auditioned ensemble that rehearses outside of the timetable. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students will play together in the ensemble and be able to perform at a more challenging level. Students may not enroll in this course until a successful audition has been performed in September.