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30 August 2016

‌Drama 10/20/30
(5 credits each)

Prerequisite: No prerequisite for Drama 10, 50% is required to move to each new level.

The drama courses offered at W.P. Wagner provide students with a challenging opportunity to build confidence, responsibility and communication skills. Students entering into drama will study the disciplines of movement, speech, acting, improvisation, and theatre studies in order to become stronger artists and storytellers. The program places great emphasis upon the development of the student as creator, performer, and critic in a collaborative environment. Students in drama are responsible for providing technical support at whole school events.

Advanced Acting 15/25/35

Advanced Acting is a stream of courses designed to extend the foundation skills outlined in Drama 10, 20, and 30. Therefore, students are encouraged to audition to be an ensemble member in conjunction with Drama 10, 20, and 30. Course activities centre around full length productions and include character development, design, technical theatre and performance. Advanced Acting is an opportunity that is open to all students at W.P. Wagner.

Full Length Productions

Throughout the year students may audition to be an ensemble member of the full length, full technical, and student run productions. This is an extension of Advanced Acting and offers a chance to perform for fellow students, teachers, and the community through matinee and evening performances right here in our very own theatre. This is your chance to be a part of something big.

W.P. Wagner Improv team

Improvisational theatre presents another opportunity for students at W.P. Wagner to be involved in the Theatre Company. Members of the Improv Team train throughout the year on their story telling techniques in order to create original, challenging, often hilarious pieces of theatre - all made up on the spot. W.P. Wagner has long been involved in the local Improv tournaments that happen around the City of Edmonton. Join the improv team and learn how to better improvise your way through life.

One Act Play Festival

During the school year, Grade 12 students are challenged to direct, design and mount a one act play. These are performed by students in grade 10, 11, and 12. These shorter pieces of theatre represent a unique opportunity for a group of students to band together and create art. All shows are made public so a larger audience can see the talent at W.P. Wagner.