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Computer Technology Courses

It is highly recommended that all students complete at least one computer related course during their grade 10 year. The use of computer technology is imbedded in today's world. The same is true at W. P. Wagner, where technology is integrated throughout all programs and familiarity with various software programs and the structure of our computer network are critical for student success. Dependent upon their junior high experience, grade 10 students have a variety of computer streams to select from to gain the necessary skills.

Computer Basics

Students with little formal training prior to grade 10 should enroll in Computer Basics. Students gain the skills and knowledge to access and use the key applications for success while at W. P. Wagner, for daily life, and preparation for post-secondary education and careers.

Communication Technology

At the Introductory level, students will explore elements and principles of design and typography through graphic tools, web design, and animation by creating digital images for print and web. This course builds a solid foundation to continue studies into professionally advanced applications in ComTech 20/30.

During the Intermediate class, students will expand on their application of the elements and principles of design through graphic tools, web design, and animation by creating digital images for print and web. Alternate paths of study include Audio/Video Production and Printing. Students complete projects that will allow them to continue to explore new applications. Students will gain marketable skills to take into the workplace and continue into ComTech 30.

Students who take the Advanced course will build on their previous classwork to plan and create advanced images for print and web, using industry standard software. Customer service through our Printing strand is a growing program in Communication Technology at W.P. Wagner. The opportunity to produce signage, adhesive stickers, short-run t-shirts and other common print materials allows our students to practice their freelancing skills. These skills include client consultations, quotation making, production, invoicing and delivery phases of a printing project. Upon completion of this course, students will have marketable skills to take into the work world, as a hobby, job, and/or full time career.

For more information on our Community Service and to request a printing job quote, please visit the W.P. Wagner Print Shop site.

Design Studies

Students who take Design Studies learn about the creative process from conception through to development in architecture, industrial design, engineering, interior design and landscaping. Working with a variety of tools and techniques from hand-sketching to Computer Aided Design, students will learn about the fundamentals of 2D and 3D design and manufacturing.


Do you want to use a digital camera to help express your view of the world? Our photography program explores the science and art of photography, with an emphasis on using the camera as a communication tool. From proper camera usage to the use of a variety of digital enhancement techniques, students will develop their own personal style of photography.

Computer Science

Our programming courses offer students a strong core experience developing skills and knowledge that will be used in producing small applications in a modern programming language. Higher levels of the course build upon these fundamentals, potentially leading to other programming languages or object-oriented programming.

  • Introductory Computer Science 1

    Students learn Microsoft Visual Basic.NET (VB.Net of Visual Basic designed to be the easiest and most productive tool for creating .NET applications, including Windows applications, Web Services, and Web applications.). This programming language is the next generation.

  • Intermediate Computer Science 2

    Students begin the study of the powerful programming language of Java. Java is the ideal platform for network computing, as it runs on all platforms - from servers to cell phones to smart cards. The Mars rover was joystick-controlled from earth via Java software. Java is found everywhere on the web.

  • Advanced Computer Science 3 and Advanced Computer Science 3 - Enriched

    This course is for students who have completed programming 1, 2, and 3, and are interested in potentially challenging the Advanced Placement exam in Java, or the newly established Iveson Exam for entrance to the University of Alberta. See http://launch.cs.ualberta.ca/iverson-exam